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Doing Business in Qatar ( QNB 2009 Report )

Qatar Science and Technology Park

1. Background
2. Facilities and Services
3. Free Zone Benefits
4. Other Benefits and Incentives
5. Current Tenants

1. Background
The Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) was established by Law No.36 for the year 2004, and is a home for technology-based companies from around the world. It also acts as an incubator for start-up enterprises. QSTP’s aim is to spur the development of Qatar’s knowledge economy, by providing the ideal location for companies to develop their technology and deliver it to the marketplace. To achieve this ambitious vision, QSTP is lead by a respected international Board of Governors.

QSTP provides an environment of office and laboratory space, support services, and programs, which help accelerate the commercialisation process. QSTP is a “free zone”, making it easy and attractive for foreign technology companies to come to Qatar. And as part of the renowned Qatar Foundation, it helps connect QSTP’s tenants with an array of world-class international universities. By accelerating the country’s knowledge economy QSTP is generating opportunities for Qatar’s scientists and entrepreneurs, creating valuable new businesses, and promoting a diversified and dynamic private sector.

QSTP’s vision is to be an internationally recognised hub for research and commercialisation. QSTP is accomplishing this by providing world-class infrastructure and services to tenant organisations involved in the development and application of technology, and by delivering support programs that foster start-up technology companies. QSTP is focusing especially on technology development most relevant to Qatar’s economy and needs: gas & petrochemicals, healthcare, information & communication technologies, water technologies, the environment and aircraft operations.

2. Facilities and Services
QSTP’s facilities and services are specifically designed for the needs of technology-based companies. Large corporations are provided with a home in the Innovation & Technology Transfer Centres (ITTCs), while the Emerging Technology Centre (ETC) provides a higher level of assistance for small-to-medium and start-up companies. The ITTCs comprise a pair of two-storey buildings, designed to accommodate both large-scale laboratory equipment and impressive offices. The facility features state-of-the-art IT and telecoms infrastructure, plus advanced security and access control.

The ETC houses QSTP’s “business incubator”, and allows new ventures to get started easily and grow quickly. The ETC is also the communal hub of the science park, hosting cafes, display areas and service firms.

During the last quarter of 2008, the first phase of Qatar Science and Technology Park will be open for business and populated with tenants. In the near future QSTP will become the home of the National Data Centre, a new “Tier 4” facility which will be a major component of Qatar’s IT infrastructure. Over the next decade QSTP will add more multi-user buildings to its 120-hectare site, and companies can also commission their own buildings through QSTP’s “design and build” service.

3. Free Zone Benefits
QSTP is a Free Zone, making it easy and attractive to establish a technology- based company in Qatar.
The Free Zone offers many benefits:
• Incorporate a local company, or operate as a branch of a foreign company.
• 100 percent foreign ownership.
• Trade without local agent.
• Sponsor expatriate employees.
• No taxes.
• Duty-free import of goods and services.
• Unrestricted repatriation of capital and profits.

4. Other Benefits and Incentives
QSTP offers other compelling advantages, which make it the preferred location in the Gulf for technology companies:
• QSTP is the only location in the region offering ready-to-occupy laboratory space as well as firstrate offices. Companies are spared enormous time and cost by leasing these facilities compared to
building their own.
• Education City’s universities are the leading academic institutes in the region, and the only ones undertaking research of international significance. Tenants have valuable access to their faculty, equipment, and most importantly their highly qualified students.
• For entrepreneurs and start-up enterprises, QSTP is implementing a raft of tangible support programs such as a venture capital fund, mentoring, and human resourcing assistance.
• QSTP is a non-profit entity and does not seek to make a commercial return. Yet its tenants still receive a highly professional, customer-focused service.
• Being part of Qatar Foundation, QSTP is a prestigious and prominent location and its tenants gain visibility in the Qatar community.

5. Current Tenants
QSTP’s tenants as at year-end 2007 include world-renowned names such as:
1. European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS), who will deliver training and certification programs for non-destructive testing technologies, and internationally accredited training courses in aircraft maintenance. It will also include other R&D programs.
2. ExxonMobil, who will establish the ExxonMobil Research Qatar center at QSTP to conduct LNG research.
3. Gartner Lee, will be developing and adapting its environmental technologies to address Qatar’s needs in conjunction with local partners.
4. GE, whose Technology and Learning Center will deliver technical training for Aviation and Energy customers while GE’s Global Research Center, Oil and Gas, and Water divisions will undertake research and development of technologies.
5. Microsoft, who is undertaking collaborative research into national education, developing a new “Office
4. Kids” software suite, and developing training courses specifically for the Qatar community.
6. Q-CERT, founded by ictQATAR in partnership with the CERT Program of Carnegie Mellon University, will provide training on IT security, assist in improving information security for critical portions of Qatar’s infrastructure and develop new security technologies.
7. Rolls-Royce, who will design testing and maintenance facilities for new marine and aeronautical applications for its highly successful series of Trent gas turbine engines.
8. Shell, is looking at bringing a cutting-edge GTL R&D program to Qatar. Shell will work on developing and implementing new technologies to enhance production from oil and gas and a learning centre.
9. Total, will undertake R&D activities in five areas: multiphase oil and gas production, carbonate reservoir modeling, acid gas management, polymer production, and air-quality management.
10. ConocoPhillips, is looking at establishing a water sustainability centre at QSTP. The centre will examine ways of treating and using by-product water from oil production, refining operations and other industrial and municipal projects.

Contact Details
Qatar Science & Technology Park
PO Box 5825
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 492 7093
Fax: +974 481 2307
Email: info@qstp.org.qa
website - www.qstp.org.qa

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